Reference data lists

  • Reference section of the Windows API Library Guide: Here, you will find documentation on hundreds of API functions and the structures that go along with them. Each API function page includes an example in Visual Basic 5.0 which demonstrates proper usage.

    The information in the reference section is organized according to what it describes. Download for here
    (* Disclaimer)

  • For all those who have been needing a good list of the ATA Airport codes to import into your applications. Click on the following link to download a zipped copy of the file:

    For further information on the codes check out web site:

  • The Alphabet list, in Access database form gives a listing of all numbers and letters, their military form (A = alpha), the changes over the years and even the Morse Code equivalent:

  • A list of first and last names that can be downloaded from the 1990 US Census Bureau.
  • ISO 639 Language Codes
    the list of language codes

    And here is a list of most country names in the local language(s) as well as in English, Danish, Norwegian, and Swedish.
    (Warning may not be completely current.)

    Update letters are available for free here: you would be able to run your own updating.
    Note that some entries are not "real" countries. At least for the Scandinavian countries, Faeroe Islands and Greenland belong to Denmark and Åland Islands belong to Finland.

    German List:
    A zipped Access mdb in Spanish:

    Additional ISO list can be found at to include English, French, German, and Spanish names

    Download an Excel spreadsheet of the file.

    (Thanks to Chris F for constructing and supplyiing the list...)

  • Standard Industrial Codes (SIC) that describe businesses in various categories.

    Download the list click here.

    The database contains two tables and has an opening form. There is no code in here, only data. There is an opening form, which displays a treeview for accessing the information. (The list will remain current until 01 January 2008.)

    (Thanks to Arthur Fuller for his contribution.)

  • Reserved words used for MS Jet, SQL Server, future SQL Server and ODBC.

    Using names for tables, table fields, queries, and query columns that conflict with reserved words can cause problems later in the design life of an application and/or a database. Some of the conflicts can arise when referencing an object or trying to connect to a datasource. Other conflicts may indirectly arise.
    For example; if you trying to upsize your database to SQL Server from MS Access.

    (Thanks to John Bartow for his contribution.)
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