Reference Miscellaneous Links

  • Vista Upgrade Advisor
    Can you run the new Vista on your computer? Check out with the "Vista Upgrade Advisor". You download this little app and it scans your system and tells you what you might have problems with, both software and hardware.
    Download the Vista Upgrade Advisor software

  • Log Parser tools
    Are you aware of the Log Parser tools for analyzing log scripts or - in general - extract data from text files like log files or csv files using SQL syntax?

    Unofficial site: Log Parser site

    Log Parser 2.2 download: Download Log Parser

    A GUI exists for this as well: Download GUI

    Also, a tool to generate scripts for various purposes: Scriptomatic 2.0 download: Script Generation Tools

    This contribution and research was made by Gustav Brock

  • Database Answers (Schemas)
    This site has a list of database schemas for every project.
    Database Schema samples

  • Database Connection Strings
    How do you connect to to all types of Databases

  • MS Excel How-to Artcles
    A major definitive Excel solutions List
    Excel solutions

  • MS SQL Server 2005 Epress Edition
    The Microsoft hub for acquiring information and downloads for MS SQL Express
    Download MS Express

  • The Universal Currency Translator
    One of the quick, easy and current Currency Translators
    XE Currency translator

  • Windows Sysinternals
    For Advanced system utilities and technical information
    Download System Internals

  • Optimizing Swap files
    For what appears to be the definitive description and method for optimizing same view the following