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(Last site update: 15 July 2012)

NewWhat is new in Computing...

Microsoft SharePoint 2007 for Office 2007 Users
Martin WP Reid
       Read an Excerpt: Aimed at end users who face the daunting task of mastering MOSS 2007 in the enterprise business environment, this book shows you how to make effective use of what can be a confusing array of features. Martin WP Reid (Belfast, Ireland) is an analyst for The Queens University of Belfast, Northern Ireland. He is the author and technical editor of more than a dozen technical books.

To read more about the book and purchase it, follow the link...
4 May 2009

Microsoft CodePlex

SCRUM Projects

The following people from the Accessd user group have been working collectively on a .Net CodePlex (Microsoft's open source project hosting web site) Open Source project:

Shamil Salakhetdinov and Gustav Brock

Athur Fuller, Doug Steele, Mark Breen and Mike Mattys

The project was created to build a .Net copy of the famous Northwind application. The same application that has accompanied the Access Database Office Package for over 15 years but using the MS SQL Server database engine instead of the MDB database.

To read more about the current project and upcoming projects, view site displayed below or follow the link.

29 April 2009
A Developer's First Look at Windows 7

This series introduces Windows 7 with an emphasis on those new features that will be of most interest and use to developers.

27 April 2009
25 April 2009
For help with a variety of Office products visit Susan Harkins MS Office help blog on TechRepublic.

To visit this help Blog, follow the link...
28 March 2009
Build new applications in the cloud - or use interoperable services that run on Microsoft infrastructure to extend and enhance your existing applications. You choose what’s right for you.
18 January 2009
Microsoft Access Skill Zones
by Dan Waters of ProMation Systems Inc.

Dan Waters has created a PDF file chart the shows the progress and knowledge that must be obtained through study or hire to be able to fully exploit Microsoft Access. This excellent and inexpensive Office application, which in many cases is far under rated can be used for personal productivity but can leverage every Windows component and extract data from any of the industry standard Databases, formats, streams and present it in any way required.

View the PDF Chart which displays the features and learning curve from beginner to Guru.
13 October 2008
For help with a variety of Office products visit Susan Harkins MS Office help blog on TechRepublic.

To visit this help Blog, follow the link...
01 August 2008
Microsoft XP SP3
XP Service Pack 3 is out again, available in a few guises from:

MS Download centre:
Download from here

Download the CD image:
Download CD from here

...or simply from Windows Update.
08 May 2008
Microsoft Visual Studio 2008

 Microsoft Learning VS 2008 Promotion
...for Free Developer Training. To visit, follow the link...
18 April 2008
Susan Harkins
For answers to questions in MS Office
By Susan Harkins
For help with a variety of Office products visit Susan Harkins MS Office help blog on TechRepublic.

To visit this help Blog, follow the link...
18 April 2008
From Program to Product: Turning Your Code into a Saleable Product
By Rocky Smolin
read about the book or view it as web page format.
Many would be software entrepreneurs with expertise in many fields attempt to turn a homegrown application, one developed for use in their own business or profession, into a commercial product. Lack of knowledge, experience, or skill often prevents the idea from ever taking shape, let alone achieving its potential. Rocky Smolin walks you through the essentials of turning a development project into a product.

To read more about the book and purchase it, follow the link...
20 March 2008

Microsoft Access 2007 and Office SharePoint Server 2007
by Martin W. Reid as a guest blogger

Microsoft Access 2007 provides you with several options If you need to provide colleagues with access to a Microsoft Office 2007 Access database or use information...

To read the rest of the article follow the link...
01 March 2008
The Database From Hell
by Arthur Fuller

This article is about two subjects: a database administered by a friend and colleague that we affectionately call the Database From Hell, and Red Gate´s forthcoming SQL Data Generator, currently in beta release. Before we get to talking about The Database From Hell...

To read the rest of the article follow the link...
28 February 2008
Microsoft Vista
Microsoft Pulls Vista Update Causing Reboot Problems
February 20, 2008 - by Becky Nagel - publiched at RedmondMag.com

Late Tuesday, Microsoft Corp. announced it is stopping automatic distribution of an update required to install Vista SP1, KB937287, following reports that it put Vista's automatic update to cycle into an "endless loop" of reboots on some machines.

Windows Vista SP1 is being rolled out this month, and the KB item above is one of two that must be installed before installing Vista SP1.

To read the rest of the article follow the link...
21 February 2008
A good MS WORD discussion list

Question: Can anyone recommend a good MS Word discussion list?

Answer: It's quiet compared to AccessD standards, but when there is a questions, you will get an answer. Simple to complex. Answers are all there.

Visit http://lists.dcomp.com/mailman/listinfo/word for further information

Thanks you Bryan Carbonnell for the tip.
21 February 2008

A new program called Microsoft DreamSpark
For students, Microsoft has just announced a new program called Microsoft DreamSpark which provides professional development and design tools to students around the world at no charge. Initially, only students with a valid ISIC (International Student ID Card) will be able to access the products through DreamSpark. These cards can be obtained at ISIC offices around the world. (find a location near you at isic.org).
To see Microsoft DreamSpark in action visit http://channel8.msdn.com and click on Microsoft DreamSpark!

20 February 2008
Microsoft Vista
Microsofts VISTA SP1 is being released shortly

Microsoft has released the new VISTA SP1 upgrade to the manufacturing sector as of February the 4th and is now allowing the package to be released to the customer on the Partnership program. After that the Service Pac will be available to the public, in mid-March via Windows Update and the Microsoft Download Center.

For further details check the the following link

19 February 2008
The long discussed DBA web site update is underway

As discussed before on this page and within the Advisors list the long awaited site update has started. The new Library section has been created and the Web-Ring components have been removed. More will be coming in the future but the time-schedule has not been fixed. If a message appears in your mail box asking for information or comment please respond at your nearest convenience as to expedite these changes.

For further information you can email the following address: webmaster@databaseadvisors.com

12 February 2008
MVP Most Valuable Professional Award

List member Marty Connelly has been given a MVP award for his ongoing contributions to Microsoft Office Access.

Microsofts Profile:

To learn more about his talents see profile

An also recent winner of a MVP award is A.D. Tejpal

02 Aug 2007
As promised the Access2007 runtime is now available... again

After a brief Hiatus, the Access Runtime is it back. See Access Extra for basic product description.

Overview: Microsoft Office Access 2007 provides a rich platform for developing database management solutions with easy-to-use customization tools. If no end-user customization is required (including report modifications), you can choose to distribute those Access 2007 solutions so that they run without requiring a full installation of Access 2007. To do so, you must package and distribute your application with the Access 2007 Runtime.

The Access 2007 Runtime is similar to previous runtimes in that all design-related UI is either removed or disabled.

You do not need to buy any special SKU in order to redistribute the Access 2007 Runtime. You can freely redistribute it or point users to this the Access 2007: Access Runtime and to download the Access 2007: Access Developer Extensions.

02 August 2007
100 things you should know about Microsoft Office 2007
Overview: Don't have time to sit down and read an exhaustive description of Office 2007's most significant new features? Take a spin through this collection of "10 things" lists, which provide a concise and targeted view of the biggest changes, surprises, and enhancements in Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, and Access. Check the following link from TechRepublic. (Note: to download or view the document FREE Registration is required.)

19 June 2007
Developing Time-Oriented Database Applications in SQL
Including the cd-rom with code for IBM DB2 Universal Database, Ingres, Informix-Universal Server, Microsoft Access, Microsoft SQL Server, Sybase SQLServer, Oracle8 Server, and UniSQL. Follow the link,

24 May 2007
How to use ZIP Codes for Geographic Positioning
Another full downloadable demo Class for use in your own code.
Thanks John Colby,

22 May 2007
The world's best Firewall Protection
To see a list of the latest Firewalls, their ratings and method of ranking follow the link (A graphically list can be viewed by clicking the button at the bottom of the afore mentioned page)

To view an overview article on the products test results follow the link
The 2 highest rated Firewallsare Comodo and Jetico
19 May 2007
Windows API Library and sample code to its use has been added to the Reference List
To learn more about the List Dwnload click here
A new coded Class the saves and retrieves application argument and related parameters

Download a full demo with Class for use in your own code.
Thanks John Colby,

17 May 2007
A new Developers Link in the Reference Section
This reference is not the definitive list...yet. More to come.

for further details see the page.
16 May 2007
John Backus, Fortran Pioneer, Dead At 82

for further details see full article.
8 April 2007
MVP Most Valuable Professional Award

List member A. D. Tejpal has been given a MVP award for his ongoing contributions to Microsoft Access software development. See his work at this Link

Primary Profile:

Tejpal is an electrical engineer by qualification and had a long career in Indian Railways, finally retiring in 1995 as the principal head of a major department.

He was introduced to Access in 2001 as one of his post-retirement hobbies. Ever since, he has enjoyed exploring the capabilities of this wonderful application and trying to help others to harness its potential.

A.D. Tejpal is a retired technocrat, located in India, close to Delhi and is now 69 years young.
04 April 2007
A couple of new entries have been added to the Reference Lists
  1. The Lists Reference has a new item on Reserved Words
  2. The Miscellaeous Reference has a new item giving the link to the Windows System Internals
28 March 2007
Daylight Saving Patches for SQL Server

There are two DST daylight savings time patches that need to be applied next week to SQL Server Standard Windows and SQL Notification services. The Patch can be downloaded from here.

Thank you Marty Connelly for bringing this patch to our attention.
3 March 2007
Don't Delete Your Old Versions of Access / Office Accidentally

If you are an Access developer and are about to install Microsoft Office 2007 on a computer that already has an earlier version of Microsoft Access, read these instructions carefully or you may delete your old versions of Access. See full article at The Access Workbench Help
(So reads the warning by The Access Workbench Help.)

Thank you Rocky Smolin for bringing this site to our attention.
2 March 2007
Tool that will convert C# to VB.Net or in the other direction

With this useful tool it can no longer be said that you will have to develop in one variant or another. Check this out, the 2 way Translator. Thanks to Carlos Aguilar Mares.
(If you do use some of the tools presented there please make a donation.)

Thank you Shamil Salakhetdinov for bringing this site to our attention.
26 February 2007
Learning the basics of MS Express and more...
  • The 13 lessons (app. 9 hrs) start with the basics. MS SQL Express
  • You can select from the Microsoft learning center on a variety of learning topic at this location.
Thank you Helmut Kotsch and Robert L. Stewart for bringing these sites to our attention.

Here is more links to Tutorials from Microsoft pages Thank you MartyConnelly for bringing these sites to our attention.
Updated 4 March 2007
Linux breakthrough for Visual Basic developers

Windows developers can now port Visual Basic applications to Linux without modifying their code, using an open source project backed by Novell.

Read all about it at the above web site and link.
21 February 2007

Read the article Written by Arthur Fuller and Drew Wutka for the DBA Gazette
In the beginning were Relational Databases

Written by Arthur Fuller and added comments by Drew Wutka

02 February 2007

Why you should join the access-d:

Please forward questions or comments those queries to Jim Lawrence the site webmaster.

An actual message posted by an access-d member
A co-worker called and asked my opinion on the best way for someone to learn Access, MS SQL or databases in general.

Actual responses from list members:
Step number 1, join this list. Start a random project, and bug people until you make sense of it. I learned everything by trial and error, and listening to the several gurus we have here.

SEVERAL gurus? We have dozens, at least in specific areas.

I concur...This list is an absolute must!

I had only a vague concept of how relational databases worked. I used this list...

I'd been to classes and I tried reading books (I just can't get through a text book though), but what actually got me going was this list...seriously!

I just wanted to let you guys know I finally made it to IT. It took awhile and a lot of hard work, but I made it and love it. Thanks to everyone on the list that has helped me over the years!!

I read it every day, and all of you have been and continue to be instrumental in my Access learning!

I could not have gone past a Simple Select query were it not for the people on this list (As well as the web pages of Gurus we all know so well) (I did everything and I mean everything in Macros) The willingness to share complex and very hard fought over code as well as a genuine desire to 'solve' or offer solutions to the myriad of issues that come up, is truly remarkable in this age of copyright, Intellectual property and all the rest of the commercial "protect thyne A**" world. Testimony to this list's generosity.

I'd never, ever written an Access app before (or used Informix - FYI the two really, REALLY don't like each other) and I needed help!

Learn from the very best in business today by joining access-d.

As a list member, you can get help on the toughest programming problems and help others with theirs. See the list options for free membership.

Database Advisors DBA hosts listserves for a number of applications such as, Access, VB and SQL, a place to discuss what they do, why they do it, what works and what doesn't. DBA is also a place that allows developers to showcase their talents as many have by submitting databases, wizards and various code packages that will help you work efficiently and smoothly. DBA hosts several listservs Access, SQL Server, VB, Visio and more. DBA offers an occasional newsletter full on in-depth articles and helpful tips written by our members. Over 350 members, ranging from novices to individuals with years of in-the-trenches experience are already members. Some of us work in a corporate environment and there are many independent consultants. Everyone is welcome on access-d (or any of our public lists).

Members who volunteer to support this valuable resource also own and operate DBA. Take a look around and join a list or two.

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